Pets and Pests

How do I report a missing pet?
According to the City of Farmington Hills government website, if you have a missing or runaway pet, you should contact the Oakland County Animal shelter at 248.391.4102, or the Farmington Hills Police Department at 248.871.2610. All lost or stray animals found by the Farmington Hills Police Department are turned over to the Oakland County Animal Shelter.


How to I get my dog a license?
Licenses are required for all dogs four months of age or older in Farmington Hills.  Dog licenses may be purchased at the Treasury Division of Farmington Hills with proof of rabies vaccination.  The city does not require that cats be licensed.

For details about how to purchase a license, fees and fines, click here or contact the City of Farmington Hills Treasury division at 248. 871.2480 or Oakland County at 248.391.0278.

What if there is a potentially dangerous animal in my yard right now?
If you see a wild animal or critter that you perceive as potentially dangerous, do not engage with the animal yourself. Please call the City of Farmington Hills Police dispatch 248.871.2600, ext 8.  (Note:  this is NOT the same as dialing ‘911’ for an emergency).

If you are concerned, but not immediately, about critter or animal guests on your property, call Oakland County Animal Control at 248.391.4102