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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Meeting

Kings Pointe Homeowner’s Association Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Kingspointe Homeowners Association was held on October 3, 2018 at Forest Elementary School. A quorum was reached, with over 21 people attending and 44 proxy forms brought to the meeting.

Current President Rick Davidson opened the meeting, welcoming the homeowners and outlining the major responsibilities of the Board. These include collecting dues, paying insurances, and keeping up the lawn and landscaping, walking paths and playground. He discussed our current dues of $200 a year and went through how and where the money is spent.

Rick stressed that internal controls are currently in place and that we have recently hired a bookkeeper to assist the treasurer. He discussed the process for late fees and how we collect from people who are delinquent in their payments. He is proud that he is stepping down leaving our Association financially solvent, with $10,000 in our checking account and a reserve of $25,000 in a CD which earns $600 a year in interest.

The meeting then moved on to discussion of the playground. Carrie Waterstone, a current homeowner, would like to have the playground equipment replaced, as it is rusty and outdated and she feels that the slide is unsafe. She presented three proposals by the contractor who replaced the equipment in the Heritage Hills commons. All include excavating and replacing the ground cover, removing the slide and repairing the other pieces. The proposal price points were $30,00, $35,000 and $40,000. The new playground would stay within the perimeter of the current playground and meet requirements for safe placement of the equipment. The swings would remain outside of the perimeter and the seats would be replaced.

A discussion then took place over the pros and cons of replacing the playground. One homeowner cited the close proximity of both the Heritage Hills and Forest Elemetary playgrounds, and pointed out that the majority of the current homeowners were empty nesters who would not utilize the playground. Others pointed out that a new playground would be an asset as it would help keep up property values, be a gathering place for young families living in the subdivision and attract new families who might want to move here.

It was decided to have the homeowners vote on paying a Special Assessment of approximately $200 to be used towards the playground, with the additional cost picked up by the Board using money in our account. Carrie agreed to spearhead the project and will work with the new Board to craft a letter to the homeowners about the playground and assessment. The plan is to have the letter sent out and voted on before dues are collected in January. Carrie also plans to hold informational meetings to discuss the details of the project for any homeowners interested in obtaining more information. A 2/3 vote in favor of the assessment will be needed to proceed with the project.

There was also some minor discussion over what could be done about homeowners who do not keep up their property, leave garbage out early, etc. Rick said it was very difficult to enforce the bylaws, unless you went through the city and had them approach the homeowner.

The meeting then moved on to vote for the new Board. The homeowners who volunteered to be on the Board are Kyle Correll, Adam Schuur, Randy Soverinsky, Megan Collins, Brett Lilley, Steven Kaplan and Marilyn Zerlak. Marilyn will stay on for one more year to help the Board with its transition. Prior to the vote, the Board introduced themselves to the Homeowners. Rick apologized for the absence of two of the Board members (Kyle and Megan), who could not make it. He will ask them to introduce themselves to the Homeowners in some way.

There was a unanimous vote to approve the new Board. The motion to approve the vote was carried by Linda Kaplan, and seconded by Joel Waterstone. Mark Soble, a former Board member, also took a moment to acknowledge all of the hard work done by Rick Davidson over the years.