• Kings Pointe HOA

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Kingspointe Homeowners Association was held at 7:30 p.m. on November 6, 2019 at Forest Elementary School.

The following Board Members were present: Adam Schuur, Vice-President Megan Collins, Treasurer Marilyn Zerlak, Secretary Steve Kaplan, Board Member Brett Lilley, Board Member Randy Soverinsky, Board Member

Adam opened the meeting by reviewing the past year and the landscaping issues that arose. Due to the constant Spring rainfall, lawn cutting on a weekly basis was a huge problem in May. Sections of the Commons areas were often left uncut for long periods due to the standing water. Attempts to cut them while they were still too wet resulted in unattractive ruts. Hopefully next season we will have a drier Spring.

The meeting then moved on to discussion of the playground. As everyone is aware, the assessment for updating the playground equipment did not pass. The Board moved forward with the updates it had committed to do within our current budget. The sand/gravel groundcover was removed and replaced with mulch, which eliminated the sand bee problem. Equipment was painted and rehabilitated. Benches were fixed and the swings replaced.

There was also some discussion about tree removal, which will always be ongoing as trees continue to mature, weather difficult storms, etc. One homeowner inquired about the buckthorn growing along the creeks and whether anything can be done about it. While this is not something we currently deal with, Marilyn Zerlak will ask our tree service about this.

Finally, the Board presented a Budget Proposal for 2020. Due to a tight labor market, labor costs have increased substantially with our lawn service and we were hit this year with a $2,600 cost increase. We looked at other companies, but their bids were in the ballpark with the company we are currently using. Prices will also continue to increase in other areas of the budget. If we move forward with no increase, we would be working from a deficit every year unless we cut back on landscaping. The Board has proposed an increase of yearly dues totaling $50, to be spread over the next four years. Dues would increase $20 in 2020, and $10 a year in 2021, 2022 and 2023. This would allow us to keep up with current costs, plus continue to build up a reserve for special projects.

The homeowners present were in favor of moving forward with the Dues Increase proposal. Ballots to vote on a Dues Increase were available at the meeting, and Homeowners present cast their votes. The budget increase proposal, along with a prepaid ballot, will be mailed out to Homeowners next week, asking for a vote by December 15 so that we can move forward next year.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.