• Kings Pointe HOA

2020 Board Update

Increase in Annual Dues

The vote to increase dues was passed, and dues for 2020 will be in the amount of $220.00. This will be followed by $10 a year increases thru 2023. Over 94% of the votes received were in favor of the increase. We appreciate everyone's support of the proposal, as it prevents cuts in services and provides the funds needed to perform upcoming repairs and maintenance.

Please pay your dues on time. If you are dealing with a financial issue please let us know. We would rather work with you directly than waste our time and money trying to collect. We have retained the services of an outside bookkeeper and attorney to assist our treasurer in collecting and making deposits, sending out dues notices and file management.

Online Dues Payments

You may now choose to pay your annual dues online via Paypal or credit card. Transaction fees in the amount of $6.68 are added to online payments. This is the transaction fee charged to the HOA for accepting online payment. The payment amount of $226.68 covers the $220 dues payment as well as the transaction fees.​

We offer online payments as a convenience to residents who prefer online or credit card payments. You may always continue to pay by check via mail and avoid transaction fees.

For information on how to make an online payment, visit the website at

Stay Connected

Occasionally, the board sends out email notifications about important topics looking for homeowner feedback. If you are not on the email list, or are not certain, please send an email to and we will add you to the list. We do not share or publish emails publicly, and they will be used only for HOA correspondence.

Landscaping Updates and Tree Removal

Residents are reminded that our homes are subject to the city of Farmington Hills’ Zoning Ordinance regulating lawn maintenance and tree removal. More details may be found on our website

Annual Meeting Recap

The Annual Meeting of the Kingspointe Homeowners Association was held at 7:30 p.m. on November 6, 2019 at Forest Elementary School. A copy of the minutes is available at

2019 Playground Maintenance

Over the summer, a project to address the condition of the playground was completed. The existing ground cover was excavated and removed, and then replaced with playground mulch. This measure has rectified the issues with the ground bees that made homes each summer in the gravel. The benches were cleaned and repaired as needed. A fresh coat of paint went on most of the playground equipment, and a number of swing seats were replaced. We will continue to perform routine maintenance on the playground in the upcoming year.

Board Member Update

The 2020 board members remain unchanged from last year, with some shuffling of roles.The 2020 board consists of:

Adam Schuur, President

Brett Lilley, Vice-President

Megan Collins, Treasurer

Marilyn Zerlak, Secretary

Kyle Correll, Board Member

Randy Soverinsky, Board Member

Steve Kaplan, Board Member

If you are interested in joining the board, we welcome new members. Please do not hesitate to email the board at and we will invite you to the next meeting.

Total 2019 Income – $28,365 (includes interest and also collecting past due amounts).

Annual Expenses

$18,565 - Landscaping

$2,707 - Insurance

$666 - Front Entrance Lights

$1,658 - Utilities

$2,700 - Tree Removal

$739 - Misc (postage, bank fees, meeting postcards, etc.)

$394 - Website (Includes both 2019 and 2020 payments)

$750 - Picnic

$234 - PO Box

$2,049 - Repairs (signs, playground painting, front light repairs, back-flow testing)

$3,121 - Bookkeeping

Total 2019 Expenses – $33,583

Similar to years past the board gets contacted formally and informally – which can be summarized as follows:

1.Trash sitting in front of our homes is not a pretty sight. Please wait until Sunday evening to put it out, and bring cans back in as quickly as is reasonably possible.

2. We all love our pets but barking dogs, especially early in the morning or late at night can be quite annoying. Please do your best to be considerate of your neighbors.

3. No trailer, camper, truck or commercial vehicle shall remain parked on any street or side drive within the subdivision except when present on business, and then only for such period of time as is reasonably necessary.

4. We, our kids and our grand-kids walk, bike, and play on or near our neighborhood roads. Please encourage all family members to keep our subdivision safe by practicing un-distracted driving either at or below the posted 25 MPH speed limit.

5. Please do not place signs advertising your business on the entranceway to the subdivision. We appreciate your wanting to grow your business, however we receive complaints from the neighbors asking to have them removed.

6. Please help the snow removal process by keeping cars off the street until the plows have done their job.

7. Please be respectful of the environment, our beautiful subdivision, and our neighbors living around the commons areas by properly disposing of your trash, tree branches, clippings, and other debris.