• Kings Pointe HOA

2021 Board Update

Landscaping Contract Update

We have signed a 3 year contract with a new landscaping contractor. The new contract is with Wasmer Brothers Landscaping, the same company that performed the playground excavation and updates in 2019. The new contractor offers expanded services at a slightly lower cost than our previous contract. We received favorable referrals from several area HOAs that work with Wasmer Brothers Landscaping.

Board members have toured the entire commons areas with the owner of Wasmer Brothers, but please keep in mind that there may be a learning curve once mowing begins in the Spring. Please contact the board at with any issues such as mis-mowed areas so that we can relay the information to the crew leaders.

Proposed Amendment to Kings Pointe HOA Bylaws

One of our homeowners has proposed an amendment to the bylaws regarding the installation of above ground pools. Our bylaws currently limit the height of a seasonal above ground pool height to 30", as dictated by Article IX, Section 1 of the bylaws. If approved, the amendment would increase the allowed height from 30" to 54". The regulation would thus be amended to read as follows:

It is the policy of this Association that no homeowner shall erect, maintain or permit to exist on any residential lot, commons area or open space within the several Kings Pointe Subdivisions any above ground swimming pool. Above ground swimming pool within the meaning of this Section shall be defined as any pool with a height greater than 54 inches above grade level. Nothing in this section shall prevent the use or existence of a children’s wading pool which is less than 54 inches in depth during the months of May through September of any year.

This amendment would not alter the HOA regulation on fences as dictated by the Buildings and Use Restrictions document. Residents erecting a seasonal/temporary pool must be able to meet the city's requirement for an acceptable barrier without the construction of a fence.

A change to the by-laws requires a majority vote of all eligible households. Please cast your vote on the supplied ballot when submitting your 2021 dues. You may also vote by sending an email with your address and vote to

While each board member will independently cast their vote as an individual homeowner, the Board as a whole holds no official opinion on endorsing a yes or a no vote of this amendment.

Annual Dues Increase Reminder

Annual dues for 2021 are in the amount of $230. This new amount reflects the tiered increase that was approved by vote in 2019. As a reminder, dues will increase by $10 per year thru the year 2023.

The board asks that you please pay your dues on time. If you are dealing with financial issues, please let us know. We prefer to work with our neighbors on a payment plan over imposing late fees.

A number of residents did not receive their 2020 dues notice in a timely manner due to mail disruptions at that time. If you receive a late fee letter from our bookkeeper that you believe is in error, please contact the board at prior to making the late payment. We are happy to waive any late fees that are incurred due to mail disruptions.

Online Dues Payments

You are able to pay your dues online via Paypal or credit card. Transaction fees in the amount of $7.18 are added to online payments. This is a transaction fee charged to the HOA for accepting online payment.

We offer online payments as a convenience to residents who prefer online or credit card payments. You may always continue to pay by check via mail and avoid transaction fees.

For information on how to make online payment, visit our website at

2020 Maintenance Projects

2020 saw two maintenance projects performed. All pathways in the commons areas were sealed per the schedule. The bridge on the path connecting Kings Pointe Ct and High Valley was cleaned and painted. The pathways were cold patched with asphalt to make the bridge translation even.

Total 2020 Income – $32,522

Annual Expenses

$18,965 - Landscaping

$2,707 - Insurance

$611 - Front Entrance Street Lights

$1,091 - Utilities (water and electricity for the lights in the front island)

$254 - P.O. Box Rental

$1,400 - Bookkeeping

Additional Expenses

$4,590 - Tree Removal

$455 - Misc. (postage, bank fees, mailings, etc.)

$204 - Website

$620 - Bridge Maintenance

$2,650 - Pathway Sealing

Total 2020 Expenses – $33,547

Similar to years past the board gets contacted formally and informally – which can be summarized as follows:

1.Trash sitting in front of our homes is not a pretty sight. Please wait until Sunday evening to put it out, and bring cans back in as quickly as is reasonably possible.

2. We all love our pets but barking dogs, especially early in the morning or late at night can be quite annoying. Please do your best to be considerate of your neighbors.

3. No trailer, camper, truck or commercial vehicle shall remain parked on any street or side drive within the subdivision except when present on business, and then only for such period of time as is reasonably necessary.

4. We, our kids and our grand-kids walk, bike, and play on or near our neighborhood roads. Please encourage all family members to keep our subdivision safe by practicing un-distracted driving either at or below the posted 25 MPH speed limit.

5. Please do not place signs advertising your business on the entranceway to the subdivision. We appreciate your wanting to grow your business, however we receive complaints from the neighbors asking to have them removed.

6. Please help the snow removal process by keeping cars off the street until the plows have done their job.

7. Please be respectful of the environment, our beautiful subdivision, and our neighbors living around the commons areas by properly disposing of your trash, tree branches, clippings, and other debris.