• Kings Pointe HOA

December Playground Vote Update

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

As of December 26, we have received a total of 101 votes from our residents regarding the proposed $195 special assessment to be used for an update of the playground equipment in the north commons area.

The passage of a special assessment requires two-thirds of residents in approval to pass. Currently, there have not been the required number of votes cast to either pass or defeat the proposal.

While the Homeowner's Association Board does not have an official position for or against the proposal, we want to ensure that the desires of the Kings Pointe residents are met.

Of residents who have voted, the majority are in favor of passing the proposal, but as stated above, the number of votes required have not been cast. The HOA board will be meeting on January 12, 2019 for a final discussion on the matter. If you have any concerns or comments, please contact the board so they can be brought forward.

To cast your vote, please email the board with your name, address, and vote to