• Kings Pointe HOA

2019 Kings Pointe Playground Vote

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

After over 20 years of fun, the playground in the Kings Pointe commons area is in need of updating and repair. Updates are needed to ensure the area remains safe and usable as well as keeping our property values commensurate with those around us. While the board has earmarked the funds required to update the ground cover and rehabilitate equipment within the current budget, we have the opportunity to contribute this money towards a larger improvement.

A number of residents have shown interest in having a modern playground structure installed that would offer options for kids of all ages and meet current safety codes. This new structure would remain in the current playground area, and not affect our current walking paths. We would also do our best to re-use and rehabilitate as much of our current equipment as possible.

What Would We Get?

Thanks to the efforts of a few neighbors, we have obtained a detailed quote from Playworld, the company that installed the new equipment in the Heritage Hills association this year. To the right is a structure that would be within the expanded budget if the special assessment is approved.

What Happens Next?

As was the case when the current playground was installed, upgrading our communal areas will add to the appeal of our neighborhood for decades, but involves an initial investment. Making this investment will require the approval of a special assessment by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the association members.

Included in the mailing sent to all residents was a prepaid postcard with instructions on how to cast your vote for the proposed special assessment of $195 per household. This is a one-time payment that would be due on May 28, 2019. This payment is in addition to our standard yearly dues paid in February.

Do not hesitate to contact the board with any questions at