Online Dues Payment

We want our community to be neighborly, beautiful and inspiring and our Homeowner’s Association works to achieve those goals. We work to foster communication between neighbors through our online directory and this website. We use our affordable dues to maintain our neighborhood’s cul-de-sacs, front entrances, the North and South Commons, and landscaping and tree removal. We also are responsible for lighting the entrance to our subdivision, and contribute funds to neighborhood recreational activities like the annual picnic.

Dues & Fees

Payments are due by February 28 of any given year.​

Checks are to be payable to:

Kings Pointe Homeowners Association.

​Please mail your dues to:

Kings Pointe Homeowner’s Association

P.0. Box 2972

Farmington Hills, MI 48331

Pay online via Paypal

Remodeling & Landscaping

person writing on white paper
person writing on white paper

In order to begin a remodeling project in Kings Pointe, you will first need approval from the Kings Pointe Homeowner’s Association, and then permits from the City of Farmington Hills. Please refer to our Bylaws for more information. If you require assistance in navigating this process, don’t hesitate to be in touch at

After you have your Homeowner’s Association approval, contact the Farmington Hills government office in charge of building and other related permits. Here is a link to the city government website and all city phone numbers, as well as a direct link to download necessary building permits.

Farmington Hills Government Building Department​

Landscaping / Tree Ordinances

Residents must adhere to the city of Farmington Hills Zoning Ordinances for site standards. The city requires a tree permit to remove any tree with the following two exceptions:

  1. ​Trees under six inches in diameter.

  2. The removal of two trees per calendar year other than landmark trees.

If there are issues with tree removal without a permit the Zoning Office should be contacted at 248-871-2520. If there are questions regarding tree permit application process, the Planning Office should be contacted at 248-871-2540.

Tree Preservation Ordinance